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The fierce love and respect that Jagat Chaturvedi has developed over the years by living in close proximity to animals and daily interaction allowed by being a guide and naturalist is the reason for his passion to save the tiger and its’ prey while helping villagers to improve their quality of life. To that end Jagat created Wild Insights India, with the goal of sharing the beauty of as rare an animal as the Royal Bengal Tiger and allowing for a reasonable escape from poverty for the residents around the Reserves.

Jagat's goal is to promote peaceful coexistence between the animals and villagers who need to be educated about the importance of preserving the eco-system of parks in india. To this end he has set up Wild Insights India as a tour company that would generate funds for helping the resident villagers with growing their own crops and protecting their livestock and educating them about conservation. It is important to him that the villagers find ways to subsist on the land they have without encroaching on the territory of the endangered tigers that need to survive on enough prey available to them. By generating funds from visitors that would offset the poverty faced by the inhabitants parks villagers, Jagat hopes the villagers learn to respect and love their arch enemy, the tiger, and learn to treasure this animal and allow it enough room in its’ natural habitat to proliferate. Conservation would depend on the goodwill of the villagers only after relief from proverty is guaranteed.

Jagat Chaturvedi born and brought up inside the Bandhavgarh Wild Life Reserve is the owner of Wild Insights India. As a nature guide who worked for the Reserve for several years and presently as a naturalist, Jagat has a deep understanding of the relationship between man and animals and their effect on each other. This has lead to his passion for conservation and his ultimate vision of protecting the precious animals of Indian parks, particularly the Royal Bengal Tiger that is on the brink of extinction.

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